Cooking Instructions

For the best results, prepare steaks and roasts to medium rare. Use a meat thermometer for accuracy. Note these internal temperature guides: Steaks & Roasts Rare: 135oF (57oC) Medium Rare: 145oF (68oC) Do not cook beyond 155oF Overcooking your bison meat will make it dry! Bison takes 1/3 less cooking time than beef.   


When grilling steak, place 4 - 6 inches above medium hot coals/tiles/etc. Season to your liking. Turn only once. Rare: 6 - 8 minutes; Medium: 8 - 10 minutes.   


OVEN: Season as desired and place plenty of water in the pan. Roast at 325oF until desired doneness. Do not cook past an internal temperature of 155oF.   

BBQ: Insert 4-5 half-cloves of garlic in various places inside the roast. Sprinkle all surfaces with seasoning. Prepare the BBQ as follows: 1. Underneath the grill on top of the coals, lava rocks or tile place a metal cake pan that is larger than the roast and fill approximately 2/3 full of water. This will stop any flaring of the roast and drippings and also prevents the roast from drying out. 2. Start BBQ only on the OPPOSITE side from where you are cooking the roast. Start on HIGH heat and after searing the roast, turn heat down to LOW to MEDIUM. 3. During cooking, set the roast on end and turn 1/4 turn EVERY 15 MINUTES, doing the ends of the roast last. Generally, cooking time is 1/2 hour per pound. 4. Use a meat thermometer to determine how well done you like the meat. Do not cook past 155oF.   

SLOW COOKER: Season as desired, cook from frozen with plenty of water.


BBQ, broil or pan fry over medium heat for 2 to 3 minutes per side until juices run clear. If cooking from frozen, add approximately 1 minute per side. DO NOT OVERCOOK! ​